Welcome to Online Cancer Education!

The following cancer education modules will help you support the people in your community to understand the ways they can prevent cancer, decrease their cancer risk, and, if they are diagnosed with cancer, to live well along their cancer journey.

Approved for 2 hours of continuing education (CE) for CHA/Ps and certified BHAs.

All cancer education modules have video and audio. The modules can be completed in any order and each module does not have to be completed in one session. 

Computer Requirements:

  • A computer with Internet access that can play movies and audio.
  • A printer to print your CE certificate.
  • Please check with your IT department to ensure that your computer has the most current:
    • Browsers: Google Chrome is ideal, but the latest Internet Explorer will work also.
    • Most current audio and video cards for your computer.
    • Most current Windows media player.
  • Most videos are embedded within the learning modules, but there a couple that are on these video websites: YouTube and Vimeo. If you cannot view one of the videos, please contact your IT department and make sure you have the items listed in the previous bullet and/or access to YouTube or Vimeo.


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